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Canola Oil Expeller Processing

The ghani process is rapidly being replaced by small-scale canola oil expeller which has an improved oil recovery and higher seed throughput. Sometimes, high oil recoveries are only achieved by repeatedly recycling the oil seed expeller cake. The breakdown of glucosinolates during small-scale oil seed expeller expelling is aided by processing at relatively high moisture contents (8-10%). These conditions of canola oil expeller are incorporated into the following method which is used at NRI.

Canola Oil Expeller Processing in the Hander Type 52 expeller

1. The oil seed is heated to about 70°C to give a feed moisture content of 6%.

2. First oil seed expeller: the conditioned feed is processed with the choke set to give a cake 1 mm thick. The oil seed expeller processing rate should be more than 60 kg/in and the seed should be self-feeding. Power drawn is 4 4.5 A and production of coarse 'fools' should be negligible.

3. The moisture content of the cake is adjusted to 9%. This will normally require the addition of about 3% water. The canola oil expeller cake is then heated for about 30 min. in a system which limits moisture loss. The final temperature should be 100°C, and the moisture content about 7%.

4. Second oil seed expeller: this is carried out with the choke set to give a cake just under 1 mm thick. Canola Oil Expeller Processing rate is 50-60 kg/in and the feed (which breaks up during the conditioning) should be self-feeding. Power drawn is 4.5-5 A and again, production of coarse 'fools' is negligible.

Overall Canola Oil Expeller processing rate is about 35 kg seed/in and the residual oil content of the cake is 12-14% (MFB). Oil seed expeller extraction efficiency is 72-77%, equivalent to 32-35 l of clarified oil/100 kg of seed.