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Mechanical Screw Oil Presses ( Oil Expellers ) are commonly used for extraction of oil from various oil seeds, nuts, beans etc. either for full press or pre-press. Full press extraction screw presses / expellers are generally used by small and medium capacity oil mill plants while pre-press extraction with solvent extraction process is generally used by large capacity plants.

GEMCO screw oil  press( Oil Expellers )  produces usable oil for converting into edible oil or biodiesel fuel. Also produces valuable feed cake byproduct for animals, and the cake does not contain any chemicals, raw materials of the original molecular structure of the fruit has not been destroyed, its high protein content, quality and pure, elemental, and that the use is widely, higher price than the salad meal. The screw oil press is used to get the edible oil or bio-diesel from vegetalbe oilseed and plant, such as ground nuts, soybeans, canola/rapeseed, cotton seed, sesame seeds, olives and sunflower seeds, etc.

GEMCO can offer various screw oil presses(Oil Expellers), equipments and systems for full press and pre-press oil mill plants. The screw oil press mainly content YZS series, ZX series, etc.